2:13pm 05-21-2023
your wardrobe is superb and your layout makes me nostalgic for old archived lolita sites i've seen! i'm excited to see more of your blog posts
6:15pm 02-25-2023
I absolutely love your wardrobe, the collection was superb $$ love you x
1:04pm 02-22-2023
Your website is classy and elegant, I thoroughly enjoyed perusing it. Your wardrobe is quite impressive as well, I can't wait to see the other sections uploaded! Thank you for your journal entry about the recent Nintendo Direct, my jaw dropped when I saw there would be a new Style Savvy game. I played it so much as a kid! Hope this message finds you well.
9:46pm 02-07-2023
cool site, you've got a great sense of fashion as well. thanks for the follow!
Replied on: 11:22pm 02-07-2023

Thank you! love ur site its sick asf

11:52pm 01-31-2023
tommy (gothiclolita)
such a cute site !!
3:45pm 01-25-2023
Replied on: 1:50pm 01-30-2023

hi ray love u

1:05pm 07-06-2022
silly tbh
1:54pm 05-21-2022
hi this is bee i Hope you have a great day
5:25pm 05-16-2022
Yrac the beautiful
Hiyya, I’m Yrac and I am super awesome and also sexy and hot and also I like legos and Owl house.

I own few things, gender is not one.